School Council

At Rise Park Junior School, our School Councillors are elected by their classmates during the Autumn Term. The members for 2018-19 are:

Class              Boy                    Girl

3B                   Ashton              Scarlett

3C                  Grayson            Ava       

3P                   Bobby               Miley

4K                   Miller                Ava

4MN               Ashton              Amy

4N                  Shaquilus          Milly

5C                  Jasper                Lola

5H                  Joe                     Roxi

5P                   Felix                   Charlotte

6D                   Kai                     Lilah

6H                   Imogen            Charissa

6W                  Lewis                Rae

School Council members meet every fortnight with the Head of School, Miss Street. Some of their roles and responsibilities include: thinking of ways to make our school a better place; attending school and community events; organising fundraising activities; meeting visitors to the school; leading school assemblies and being a role model to others. The Chair leads the discussion meetings with the Secretary making notes of any key decisions or actions to be taken. Key information is then shared with the children in their class in council meetings.

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